Now that you know more about aluminum structures and the specific aspects that should be verified before investing – given that the product will be used for a en extended period of time if manufactured properly – you need to be certain that the savings secured justify the risk of using the respective materials.

To help you with your purchase, Feeling Structures prepared a checklist of the most important items you’ll need to verify before buying a product:
  • I am certain of the supplier’s qualification and good standing.
  • Ask for proof the company’s accreditation before the Regional Engineering and Agronomy Council (CREA).
  • Confirm whether the company has an engineering department with the capacity to provide the necessary information on the product’s manufacture and use.
  • Confirm the existence of load tables, specifications, and user instructions.
  • Be sure the company has the necessary technology to manufacture the product.
  • Ask for proof of use of the appropriate alloy.
  • Ask for proof of welder qualifications.
  • Determine the ideal product line for your needs.
  • Ask for proof of tracking and a quality control department.
Feeling Structures is not liable for the use of its load tables in structures manufactured by other companies, or for the stability of assemblies that utilize Feeling Structures products in combination with those of other manufacturers.