Event Roofs

Roofs for events of all sizes, with modern and attractive, lightweight, and practical designs for all-purpose use. Covered with black canvas, the system ensures excellent finishing, in addition to providing more effective protection from variable weather conditions.

Top Roof

  • Recommended for temporary roofs over large spaces;
  • Available in various lengths, modulated every 5m and with a free space up to 30m wide, providing for various sizes and design formats;
  • Gable roof built with a self-supporting reinforced aluminum structure and PVC canvas.

1 Heavyline

L:30,00 X P:50,00 Height 4,00m /Ridge 8,90m

2 Heavyline

L:20,00 X P:50,00 Height 4,00m /Ridge 7,30m

3 Lightline

L:20,00 X P:50,00 Height 4,00m /Ridge 7,30m

4 Lightline

L:20,00 X P:40,00 Height 4,00m /Ridge 7,30m

5 Lightline

L:15,00 X P:40,00 Height 4,00m /Ridge 6,55m

6 Lightline

L:10,00 X P:30,00 Height 4,00m /Ridge 4,88m

7 Lightline

L:10,00 X P:20,00 Height 4,00m /Ridge 4,88m

8 Lightline

L:10,00 X P:15,00 Height 4,00m /Ridge 4,88m