Resistant and easy to assemble, Feeling barriers are the safest crowd control systems for public events.
  • Available in four modules: 45º / 90º / gate, and straight;
  • Recommended for organizing, directing, and controlling crowds;
  • Made of aluminum, our barriers are safer more resistant, and easier to assemble than traditional systems
  • Support to frontal displacement of up to 2.5 tons, in sets of 5 assembled modules;
  • Extra light: only 28k

Aluminum Barrier

1,00m (L) X 1,20m (H) X 1,25m (P)

Corner Barrier (90º) Right side

Corner Barrier (90º) Left side

Door Module

1010mm (L) X 1250mm (C) X 1200mm (H)

Barrier Rack

1147mm (L) X 1387mm (C) X 1140 (H)